Your leagues, organized.


Create a league in minutes.

Easily organize your seasons, divisions, teams, and games.

Effortlessly manage registrations, reschedules, and suspensions.

Simple, fast, and secure.


One-Click League Creation

Mutambo is designed to get you up and running in one minute. You can create a league with just a Mutambo account and a league name.

One Account

Are you a league administrator, a captain, and a player? No problem. With Mutambo you can access everything from one account.

Division Building

Placing teams into the right division at the beginning of each season takes finesse. Mutambo makes it easy to keep your divisions organized.

Seasons Switching

It can be helpful to see information from past seasons. Navigating between seasons to look at past payments, misconduct, or scores, is a breeze in Mutambo.

People Finder

Mutambo has a global directory for finding people in your league. As a season administrator, you can quickly look up an individuals teams, games, misconduct, and payments.

Effortless Invites

Inviting new administrators, captains, and players to Mutambo is as simple as emailing them a link. It works like magic.

Sharable URLs

Every view in Mutambo has a unique URL that you can share with other administrators. Sharable URLs make it easy to share games, teams, players, payments, or misconduct events.

Facilities and Officials

Organizing contact information for facilities and officials can be a big task. With Mutambo, you can store that information where it is easily accessible to other league administrators.


Quickly create custom pages for your league. Pages are a great place to put general information such as rules, FAQs, and announcments.

Misconduct Management

Keeping track of suspensions and fines for players can be tedious. Mutambo keeps track of suspensions and automatically removes suspended players from game rosters.


It's easy to send and recieve payments in Mutambo. You can also set up team fees, player fees, and game fees to fit your league's needs.

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All plans include the Free plan.

Players10$1.00 / player / year

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